“Kreuzweg”, translated as “Stations of the Cross” is a German film directed by Dietrich Brüggemann, a drama that focus on teenage girl Maria and her extremely catholic family. Maria’s biggest desire is to become a saint and go to heaven and to reach this goal she is willing to sacrifice basically her entire life. Divided in 14 chapters, each one shot in a single take and a single location, with no use of sounds at all, this religious themed film is undoubtedly well made and well-acted but at the same time very slow and depressing as hell. With almost no action, this feature deals with the consequences of extreme religion, it has some psychologically scary aspects but it’s so joyless and melancholic that turns out to be a kind of burden for the viewer. Maybe those who really are into this subject can appreciate its total value but for a casual viewer or random cinema fan, this is kind of hard to digest. A movie not for everyone but to those who are willing to give Stations of the Cross a chance, be prepared and aware that this is going to be a different viewing experience, there are interesting things in it, but you have to find them amongst a slow, bitter and pessimistic drama. A challenge.

Vote: 6/10