Originally titled “Chugyeogja”, Hong-jin Na’s “The Chaser” is a South Korean thriller hard to beat in its genre. The story centers on an ex detective who has turned into a pimp and decides to investigate as soon as some of his girls are gone missing. With a fast paced action almost from the beginning, this amazing movie doesn’t leave any room to get bored, within few minutes you are already deep inside the story which slowly unfold into a dark, breathtaking, wild and entertaining ride. The plot keep changing as the minutes goes by without being predictable or easy to guess. With plenty of cat’n’mouse style chases, this movie is another confirmation of how awesome South Korean cinema is. Graphically it’s not that strong, despite few nasty scenes, The Chaser is more a thriller than a shocking horror, the characters are very consistent and believable and the camera works is top stuff. To complete the picture  a soundtrack mainly performed by slow classical guitar ballads, the contrast between the calmness of the music and the turbulence of the images works fantastically, Hong-jin Na deliver us a strong movie which cannot disappoint the fan of the genre, if you like serial killer stories with a lot of chases and mystery, hardly you could find something better than this one.

Vote: 8/10