Takashi Miike’s “Imprint” was originally made in 2006 for the TV series “Masters of Horror”, the film is only 62 minutes long and was supposed to be part of that show where famous horror directors were presenting an original story to be broadcasted on TV. Imprint has actually never made into the TV show since it was banned as considered too ‘extreme’ for TV broadcast and you have seen it already you’ll agree on that. What to say about this very strange tale, it takes place during the Victorian era and tells the story of an American sailor on a mission to rescue a prostitute met years earlier with the intent to bring her to America and start a new life together. Once in the island, things get weird immediately and doesn’t take long to discover that the girl is missing. The sailor who is determined to know the whole truth about the girl, will face a nightmarish tale of torture told by a former colleague of the girl. Totally in Takashi Miike’ style, Imprint is a sick story of perversion, highly disturbing in many sequences, this relatively short tale is another surprise by one of the most bizarre directors of our time, with surreal elements and few scary bits (few funny also), Imprint is not easy to forget and it is definitely not something for everybody, if you are a Miike’s fan, this is a little gem that cannot be missed, but if you are new to his style of Cinema, it may not be the best starting point to get to know this strange, unique and absolutely great film director.

Vote: 6/10