“German Angst” is a German anthology movie that features three tales by different directors. These stories have in common, over the fact to be located in Berlin, the “angst”, a shocking element to hit visually and graphically the viewer but perhaps they lack of a bit more substance to be totally effective, it feels like these stories have been made up as an excuse to show the violence and the gore that each segment has to offer, but on the other hand it’s true that is always difficult to give to the plot a proper depth when we are dealing with short tales. In the first one, directed by Jörg Buttgereit (previously known for his 1987’s Nekromantik) we follow a young girl and her guinea pig, all is mixed with flashback with narrated voices, it’s the shortest of the three and probably the most confusing. Things improve a bit with the second segment Make a Wish, directed by Michal Kosakowski. This tale is about a mute couple who decides to explore an empty building, where they meet a dangerous group of Nazi, it’s about racism and violence and it is quite disturbing to watch for its content. The third segment, Alraune by Andreas Marschall is the longest and without a doubt the best of all; it’s about a guy who’s revealing to his girlfriend a strange and frightening story happened during their last break up, he met a girl on the internet and then in person in a weird club, perhaps the most shocking of all the three stories and perhaps the one who save the movie. Overall is an interesting view, not for the fainted hearts but if you are into (horror) anthology movie, you may find interesting things in German Angst.

Vote: 5/10