Originaly titled “Alpeis”, this strange Greek movie is definitely something different. The director of 2009’s Dogtooth is bringing us another mad tale that could affect the sensibility of some viewers, beautifully filmed, with exceptional photography and no soundtrack at all, this weird movie is telling the story of a group of people who start a business where they impersonate the life of people who recently died to help the family with the grieving process of the loss. The thing is that the story is not easy to get at first and this leaves the viewer with a sense of disorientation, but once you got what is going on here you will probably appreciate the content of this very peculiar tale, at least we are going to an unexplored land and cinema need stories that don’t take reference by nothing else previously made. Considering that Yorgos Lanthimos is the director of the 2009’s Dogtooth but also of the 2015’s The Lobster, if we add this 2011’s Alps, we can affirm that Lanthimos is definitely one director with a unique style as kind of unique is his storytelling method, every one of his film has something special in it, something that we don’t see usually in modern cinema. Alps is highly recommended but only if you know a little bit the director’s style and you kind of know what to expect, otherwise this could be a fall into the void, it’s good stuff but it’s also very depressing, not for everyone but undoubtedly interesting and indeed something very different.

Vote: 6/10