One of the famous “Video Nasties” banned in the UK in the 80, “Blood Feast” by strange and prolific director Herschell Gordon Lewis has become since then a cult movie amongst the horror and B-movies fans and there is no doubt about that, the movie is bad, really bad; with awful acting, silly plot, weird scenarios and a odd soundtrack composed by the director himself, but on the other hand I don’t think anyone who has been involved with this project expected that Blood Feast would be considered a serious scary movie. There is no really point to describe what it is all about because if you intend to watch this one you probably already know what to expect, the story isn’t really important and doesn’t need a special attention to be followed, it’s a very suitable view for a night with friends and beer, a bit pointless to be watched on your own. The cheap and unrealistic special effects are laughable and so is the content of this silly but entertaining story (if you like this genre of course). But overall, if you are a horror fan, you should watch this title sooner or later because it is somehow considered a pioneer in the “splatter” genre, you will always find reference to this one and to other works by H. G. Lewis, also it last a bit longer than one hour so it may deserves a chance (just one) if you are into these B-movie stuff.

Vote: 4/10