“The Handmaiden”, originally titled “Ah-ga-ssi”, is the new movie by Chan-wook Park, known for “Oldboy”, “Lady Vengeance”, “Stoker” and many other awesome productions. With The Handmaiden, the Korean director shows masterfully all his skills in filmmaking, the result is a fabulous story told over 2 hours with a stunning cinematography, wonderful acting, fantastic storyline and an impeccable soundtrack. Each frame of this movie is a work of art, Chan-wook Park has undoubtedly reached as a filmmaker his total and full maturity. The story it’s about a young girl who get hired by a heiress as a handmaiden, but we discover almost immediately that she is not what she looks like. The Handmaiden is the story of a swindle but there are so many twists that it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen next, it’s all presented with a charming and incredible atmosphere and the characters in this story, which it’s set in 1930 Korea, are so interesting and captivating. It’s hard to find some flaws in this masterpiece, this is pure art and it is a movie so full of details that will have lot to offer also in the second viewing. There is mystery, there is suspense and there is beauty in every single frame. Highly recommended, Chan-wook Park at his best.

Vote: 9/10