Originally titled “Después de Lucía”, this powerful Mexican drama is a movie that does not need any special effects or even a soundtrack to be effective. The story is centered on a father, that after the loss of his wife, moves to another city with his adolescent daughter; while he will start a new job as chef, his daughter will have to adapt to a new school and to new friends. There is a lot of sadness in this film and somehow it is quite depressing to watch but there is also a lot of power in this story and the characters are very likeable and interesting to follow. After Lucia is a movie that put the viewer in a difficult position and it is very often hard to watch but it is totally worthy the experience. With also a educational aspect, After Lucia is a story difficult to forget but it has a charm of its own and despite being a bit slow and with not much action, it has a proper structure and a very solid acting performance. A very strong realistic drama, a story that could happen in everyday life, highly recommended.

Vote: 7/10