This 1947 feature directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger is a fascinating tale centered on a young nun who got assigned to a new convent in the Himalayas, where she will have to deal with the constant wind and with the internal conflicts with the other nuns and the local people. Despite not being an easy film, it may requires more than one view to be properly understood; Black Narcissus is a movie that looks from a different time and even from a different world. Shot entirely in a studio, with painted mountains and landscapes, this strange film has seriously a lot to offer, but all the details are not easy to get at first; recently remastered in Blu Ray and included in the Criterion Collection’s catalogue, Black Narcissus won’t be appreciate by everyone even if the story itself keep the viewer quite entertained without the necessity of any visual effects or twists, with some scary aspects this strange story deals with prejudices, faith and desires; filmed with style in Technicolor this feature could be considered in between an art movie and an obscure classic. Definitely deserves to be watched, a forgotten style of cinema.

Vote: 6/10