David Slade’s “30 Days of Night” is a horror film centered in the isolated little town of Barrow, Alaska, where apart from the constant cold, every year for a whole month the sun won’t shine and there will be darkness for 30 days. While the majority of people prepare to leave, the sheriff and few other habitants get ready to hold on for a month in the dark. Put then a gang of bad ass vampires into this blackish environment and you have the adventure that director David Slade is masterfully telling with 30 Days of Night. With an astonishing photography, beautifully filmed, this story doesn’t take long to capture the viewer’s attention and this is exactly how this film works; within few minutes you are totally into the plot of this fantastic and quite scary tale (it’s an old trick, but the dark in horror movies always works), the characters are consistent and very likeable and there are few little subplots to complete the picture. Produced by Sam Raimi, 30 Days of Night plays a lot with the lights, shadows and of course the darkness. Highly recommended for all horror fans, this movie has some nasty scenes crafted with awesome special effects but overall it’s more a suspense tale of the cat’n’mouse chase genre. Splendidly remastered in Blu Ray, this feature has no big flaws apart maybe for the ending, which could have been less predictable but it’s just a matter of opinion, no real complains for this great movie that totally works as it should. A must see.

Vote: 7/10