“The Bird People in China”, originally titled “Chûgoku no chôjin” is a very strange film by prolific director Takashi Miike, very different from the director’ style, this movie is more a fairytale in between dream and reality than a classic Takashi Miike standard; the story it’s about a business man and a Yazuka who find themselves due strange circumstances in a peculiar village on a mountain where they discover the legend (or reality?) of the flying people. Filled with humor and magnificent shots, this old movie is charming and fascinating, it captives the viewer’s attention with the power of the images rather than with the plot, great acting and sounds, overall a wonderful composition of very weird cinema, something you won’t forget easily because the story is so original that has no references at all to something you may have seen before, The Bird People in China is highly recommended not only to Takashi Miike’s fans but to everyone, the story is completely blood free and it’s hard to believe if you know a bit the director’ style. A movie that will make some people dream and some other fell asleep, which side are you on?

Vote: 7/10