Highly regarded as one of the essential films in the history of Cinema, François Truffaut’s “Jules and Jim”, originally titled as “Jules et Jim”, is a pure lesson of beauty both visually and in the storytelling. Masterfully filmed this French classic is a pleasure for the viewer since its very first seconds, tells the story of a friendship and a love triangle over 20 years (before and after the WW I); made in 1962 and yet still very powerful nowadays, a style of nostalgic and forgotten cinema that will never die, based on the novel by Henri-Pierre Roché, Jules et Jim has everything that a great movie should have, a very appropriate soundtrack, marvelous performances, great plot, witty dialogues, all of it under the direction by one of the greatest master in filmmaking, it won’t be possible to dislike this film; don’t let the reputation of this movie scares you, if you think it’s going to be a boring intellectual and pretentious feature you cannot be more wrong, within few minutes the viewer is captured by the magic of Jules et Jim and since that moment there is no way back, 1 hour and 45 minutes of authentic pleasure; non-French speakers have to struggle a bit reading the subtitles since the pace of the dialogues is very fast but this is way far for being a complain, if you are a movie lover you have to watch this one sooner or later, superb.

Vote: 9/10