17 years after the original “The Blair Witch Project”, comes this sequel simply called “Blair Witch”; the interesting thing is that even if so many years have gone by, this new film starts exactly where its predecessor ended. Doesn’t takes too much imagination to figure out what this movie is about, the story is centered on the brother of the missing girl going into the same woods with 3 other friends after finding out a video on the internet which gives him hope about finding his sister. This time the story is much better filmed, each of the main character wear a ear camera which allow the viewer to follow closely what it is happening inside the woods. The story is simple but yet very well made, everything makes sense and at least it’s not another pointless movie that tries to get known by using the success that the original project. The plot is engaging and it has a nice pace even if it is maybe just a little bit predictable, but the main threat doesn’t arrive until the end; the last 15 minutes of this new feature are absolutely outstanding and make the waiting worthy; the end of Blair Witch is so effective and truly scary that should be remembered as a one of the most intense ending in modern horror. To be watched if you like the original 1999’s, it’s a lot of fun and it makes an awesome horror movie night for the fan of the genre.

Vote: 7/10