If you are looking for a film that does not need too much focus, full of suspense and action and possibly that involves sharks, then Jaume Collet-Serra’s “The Shallows” would be the perfect choice. A movie that doesn’t need to know what it is about because within few minutes you already know what is going on and how this movie is going to end. Very predictable feature with a too cheesy ending, but if you are looking for action, there is plenty here, almost 1 hour out of the 1 hour and 25 minutes length is based on the chase between the shark and the main character of this too predictable movie. Very well shot in an astonishing location and with breathtaking images, this feature must be praised for what it is, pure entertainment and in this aspect the movie totally works, nothing to say about it. But apart from this, there is no real depth into the story or something else to make this film memorable, it is ok if you don’t have too much expectations, you may end up enjoying it and sometimes these kind of movies are just the ones you need. To be avoided if you are afraid of sharks and if you are looking for something not predictable, otherwise it does what it says in the tin.

Vote: 5/10