Originally titled “Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha”, this Takashi Miike film,  the first of his weird “Dead or Alive” trilogy, is a wild and crazy feature centered on a duel between a Yazuka and a Japanese policeman, it’s an early movie by the Asian director and as many of his others, involve plenty of humor and surrealism, this is a very fun watch if you like the genre but don’t expect too much from it; just the opening sequence is a mind blower, after this one you are pretty much prepared for what is coming next, the story involves guns, drugs, blood and violence, perhaps less “disturbing” than other Miike’s works, but still in line with his style, it’s very well filmed and has a very good pace (sometimes even too fast); the humor is the big factor here, capable to turn a nasty scene into a funny one, also the dialogues are very hilarious and silly but they fit perfectly in this very odd feature. Not the best work by the director but something you should at least watch once; if you think you’ve seen a lot of strange movies, have a look at this one, you may get surprised.

Vote: 6/10