If you are familiar with the Horror anthology movie “V/H/S” (2012), especially with the segment “Amateur Night”, you know where this new Horror movie directed by Gregg Bishop comes from.  Actress Hannah Fierman play the same role in this 2016 movie, and the main story is pretty much the same than the one in V/H/S. Told in much more details since it is a full length feature of 82 minutes, this film it’s about a stag night where 4 friends while searching for extreme diversion, stumble into this prisoned girl and decided to free her with the obvious very dangerous consequences. Not a great acting performance in general but it is clear that this is not the type of movie where you expect to see some superb acting skills, the story as it has been told works and has a nice pace that makes SiREN an easy horror to watch and to follow without getting too much bored or disappointed. If you liked the segment you definitely should give this film a try but also without having seen the original V/H/S, this feature works quite well as a standalone. Without too many expectations and for the fans of the genre only, this could be a nice entertainment for another Horror night.

Vote: 6/10