This Danish horror movie doesn’t sounds too appealing by its trama but it is a pretty well made sinister story about a couple who lives in an isolated place, with no running water and electricity and ask to their Romanian maid to carry their child in exchange for money due the fact that the the woman is unable to have children. Filmed with a slow place and just a few actors, this film features almost no soundtrack at all, but it offers a plot filled with tension and uneasiness. To be avoided by those who can be affected by movies on pregnancy, newborns and babies, but apart for that it’s a nice horror that deliver 1 hour and 32 minutes of a well acted tale which may not be everyone’s favorite but surely can find a quite broad audience amongst the fans of the genre. There are probably references to Ira Levin’s novel and Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968) but Shelley has a story of its own and in its simplicity can offer a kind of disturbing but effective view.

Vote: 6/10