“Oldboy” (2003) is probably the movie that gave worldwide notoriety to South Korean director Chan-wook Park, originally titled as “Oldeuboi” this feature is an amazing ride into an almost perfect cinematic experience. Masterfully filmed and with a superb soundtrack, this twisted tale of revenge tells the story of a man who got imprisoned for 15 years and then got released with the only goal to find out what has happened to him, who has done it and why. The main character talks like the TV he has been watching over his 15 years of imprisonment, his only companion in a little room; this South Korean film will catch your attention almost immediately by offering an unforgettable feature with great acting, a visually stunning cinematography and an outstanding storyline full of twists and unexpected possibilities, Oldboy is a unmissable ride for all fans of Asian cinema, Thrillers and movies with a very strong content visually and in the plot. A mind blower.

Vote: 8/10