There are always big expectations when a new Jim Jarmusch movie comes out, and “Paterson” does not disappoint at all the fans of the director and basically everyone who loves cinema. A great feature with a slow but extremely interesting storyline about a poet named Paterson (incredibly well performed by Adam Driver) who lives in a place called Paterson where he shares his life with his girlfriend and works as a bus driver while on the side writes poems who has never shared with anybody. Since the first minutes the viewer is captured by a magnificent cinematography and a magic atmosphere that makes it impossible to stop watching. 2 hours of a highly inspiring masterpiece that despite a line of sadness present along the storyline, shows the true beauty of the ordinary things in life. Probably one the best movies ever made by Jim Jarmusch and definitely the most interesting film watched so far this year. Be ready for one of the greatest cinematic experience of the season, Paterson is a movie about poetry but in a very simple and sophisticated way it is pure poetry itself.

Vote: 9/10