This quite unknown 2011 movie is a pleasant and unexpected surprise, with a great performance by a very young Chloë Grace Moretz, this enjoyable film tells the story of a thirteen years old girl who leave her alcoholic family with the intention to reach Las Vegas hitchhiking. This is all you need to know before embarking into this Road Trip genre feature with plenty of action and unexpected ends. It may be a bit disturbing, especially for the young age of the main character but it is absolutely a very well made story able to entertain and satisfy a broad range of public. With little cameos by Juliette Lewis and Alec Baldwin this film offer a great soundtrack as well that fits perfectly into the picture, plenty of country music and great classics by mainly Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline. Taken from Andrea Portes’ novel, this weird story will give plenty of surprises to those who are willing to give a try.

Vote: 7/10