Originally titled “Goksung”, this Korean Mystery/Horror film is set in a small village where a police officer investigates a strange case of murder. It seems initially that the strange occurrences are led to the presence of an old Japanese man recently arrived. There is of course much more to discover along this 2 hour and 36 minutes feature, long enough to have time to unfold into a complex and intriguing plot that will require all the viewer’s attention, a story that will leave some interpretations open and that may requires more than one viewing to get it properly. Beautifully filmed and acted, the third movie by the director of the gripping “The Chaser” (2008) is another gem in all its aspects. A good pace that increases its tension constantly gives to The Wailing a very solid backbone for this entertaining and quite strong thriller/horror that hardly will disappoint the fans of the genre. Another South Korean jewel to enjoy and another pretty good reason to follow the future works of this brilliant director.

Vote: 8/10