Originally titled “Kynodontas”, this Greek feature is a shocking portrait of an extremely over-protected family who keep their daughters and son isolated inside their house, without knowing anything of the real world they are growing up in a life where swear words doesn’t mean what they supposed to, where airplanes are plastic toys that can fall in their garden, this shocking movie touches brilliantly a very scary subject and deliver an unforgettable experience of cinema. Probably the most famous of the films made by this eccentric director, Dogtooth is a disturbing viewing and it is not the kind of movie that everyone will like. To not be missed if you know the work of Lanthimos and highly recommended if you are looking for something very different, with a very strong subject; it features¬†several explicit sexual scenes rather more disturbing than erotic and overall is something not easy to forget. Be brave and give it a try, it’s totally worthy.

Vote: 8/10