If you should judge a film by the look of his poster, you probably wouldn’t give enough credits to this 2012 feature, but since it happens to be a work by Harmony Korine, the director of “Gummo” (1997) and of the most famous “Kids” (1995), then it may be worthy to give this film a chance. “Spring Breakers” is a dark and excellent story about four girls who do a robbery to have the money to spend for a crazy weekend during Spring Break, a celebration which is barely known in Europe. This twisted tale is a fantastic ride into a master cinematography, with a great pace and almost no moment of boredom, with a great performance by James Franco, Harmony Korine’s latest movie is entertaining and clever at the same time; a totally unexpected surprise that will be undoubtedly appreciated by a wide public, not as known as it should but Korine’s style of cinema, often raw and ruthless, is probably not made for the mainstream world. Something to not miss if you haven’t watched already, perhaps contains some parts that some viewers can find a bit disturbing, but it’s worthy every of its 94 minutes of running time.

Vote: 7/10