James Wan’s second chapter of “The Conjuring” saga came 3 years after his predecessor and it is another tale based on the same characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren, nicely played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. A bit predictable? Maybe yes but this feature is another gem by the horror director James Wan, a long film of 2 hour and 14 minutes which totally respects the classic style of the demonic possession genre, with a increasingly growing tension this story has this time its location in London, UK; where the Warren couple will travel to try to help a young girl and her family. With few scares and a great filmography, The Conjuring 2 won’t disappoint the viewer’s expectation while at the same time won’t surprise it that much either, not to be missed if you like old style horror, considering that also the story is set during the year 1977, and this particular definitely adds more charm to this beautifully filmed movie, astonishing also the Blu-Ray version that will offer an old perfect horror night of home cinema.

Vote: 7/10