This South Korean film directed by Joon-ho Bong, originally titled “Gwoemul”, is an entertaining monster movie full of action and special effects. It won’t take long before the monster is revealed in its form to the viewer, within of 10 minutes of this strange film the action is already at high pace and it will stay until the end of the story. With few subplots this feature offers an entertaining view for all fans of horror, thriller and adventure genre; in between a satire with few dark comedy elements and a drama, “The Host” is maybe not the best movie by Joon-ho Bong but it definitely deserves a chance if you are intrigued by this particular genre, the monster is mean and well made, as the animation and the special effects heavily used into this story; visually stunning and with a plot good enough to keep your attention awake for all its length, The Host is another nice production of the Korean Cinema of the last decade, give it a try, you may find it more engaging than you think.

Vote: 6/10