Andrea Arnold’s “American Honey” is an indie movie about a young girl with nothing to lose who joins a magazine subscriptions traveling sales crew and embarks a life of partying with plenty of drinks and drugs. Despite being beautifully filmed with great scenarios and fantastic soundtrack, this extremely long film (2 hours and 43 minutes) is kind of hollow in many aspects even if has some interesting and realistic points. As the crew ride along their road trip there is a feeling that this is going a bit nowhere, perhaps it’s the intention and the meaning of the plot, but there is something not totally convincing in this feature which could have been definitely shorter and maybe a bit deeper into the some of the subplots involved into this story. Strange and a bit visionary, in some aspects with connections to Larry Clark’s cinema, American Honey is absolutely an interesting¬†movie that deserves at least to be watched once.

Vote: 6/10