“A Woman Under the Influence” is a 1974 drama directed by John Cassavetes and starring Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands. Despite the fact that it’s considered a master work of cinema, included also in the Criterion Collection, this film is way too long and dull and the point it wants to make perhaps isn’t too clear. Filmed with long shot and featuring plenty of awkward dialogues and over-acted performances, this story talks about the madness of a mother and her way to deal with her husband and children. There are of course interesting points in this movie, but it also kind of lacks in engaging the viewer properly into the story; Cassavetes’ study of a married couple and the extreme realism portrayed in this work are sure remarkable and definitely, in 1974 when it came out, this one was a kind of very different movie that wanted to be the opposite of the Hollywood productions, but the final result is clearly something weird and tedious, the characters are not very likeable and the whole situation is portrayed a bit too absurd, it is a classic indeed made by a master director but not because of these reason everyone should like it.

Vote: 5/10