If you like movies with stories that goes from bad to worse, Xavier Gens’ 2007 “Frontier(s)”, originally titled “Frontière(s)”, is definitely one of them. Released during the years where a lot of other successful French Horror movies got notoriety, this fast paced feature is absolutely for the horror aficionados only. Plenty of gore and torture and a plot who tells the story of a group of thieves who are on the run after a violent aftermath in Paris and decided to stop at a strange motel at the border of the country. Here is where things from bad go to worse. It may can be easy to predict what happen next but this film is able to keep the viewer’s attention with plenty of action, solid acting performances and a good and totally appropriate soundtrack. People who enjoy movies like “Hostel”, “Martyrs”, “High Tension” will enjoy this one too, even if it may be a bit far to be as memorable as the mentioned titles, but it’s definitely good enough for another scary night.

Vote: 6/10