This strange Canadian horror film directed by John Fawcett tells the story of two odd sisters obsessed with death who are kind of outsiders in their life and have to deal with the consequences of a bizarre encounter with a werewolf. Yes, it’s a werewolf movie and a quite unknown one, and for some reasons it feels like this peculiar movie didn’t get all the attention it may deserved. Perhaps far from being a milestone, but “Ginger Snaps” is a very entertaining feature with plenty of gore and with a plot intriguing enough to have a solid enjoyment. Very well filmed, never boring, without any intention to be a masterpiece, Ginger Snaps is way too far from being a bad movie, it offers plenty of good things, along with some funny elements, to satisfy the fans of the genre, solid dialogues and acting, quite good special effects, what to ask more? If you like werewolf movie and you are looking for a weird and kind of different feature don’t look any further, here’s one.

Vote: 6/10