This Austrian film, originally titled “Ich Seh Ich Seh”, is a truly shocker. It takes its time before revealing in its real form but once it does it simply hits you. Tells the story of two twins brothers who begin to suspect that her mother, after a face surgery, is not the same person anymore. All is narrated with stunning cinematography and a great atmosphere combined by a great use of audio and images; set mainly in the house where the three of them live in a desolate countryside area. It’s slow and there is also not too much dialogues, but it’s a little gem that unfold calmly under your eyes. Strong content and utterly disturbing in some scenes, this Austrian movie cannot be for everyone. Definitely recommended to all horror fans and to those who are willing to find beauty in unsettling stories. Perhaps in the two directors mind it was clear since the beginning that it wouldn’t have reached a very wide audience, but this film is certainly underrated by the public, doubtless deserves more than what you may have read, a great work not to be missed and a very impressive finale to make this movie one of the most original and interesting of 2014.

Vote: 8/10